About Us

CCMB is a full-service mortgage broker with a wide range of banks to choose from to ensure that you can get the best loan for your situation no matter what your scenario might be.

Whether you have stellar credit and are looking for prime rates from an A paper bank or you have struggled with credit issues in the past and need a flexible lender who will work with you, we have relationships that will help you get approved faster.

Purchasing a home? Our experts make it easy! If you are just starting to consider purchasing a home our pre-qualification process can help you to understand exactly what you can afford so that you can be confident when the time comes to start looking for your dream home. Once you are ready to begin your search in earnest, we can go a step forward and get you fully approved with one of our banks so that when you make an offer it is backed by the knowledge that you already have the financing completed.

If you already have a home and need to lower your rate or pull some equity from your home, we will work with you to find the best loan solution to fit your needs. At CCMB we understand that one loan does not fit all borrowers, so our loan experts are fully versed in conventional, FHA, VA, and non-conventional loans.

In addition to working with people looking to buy or refinance their primary residence CCMB has the experience and knowledge to help investors get the financing they need when they need it. Whether you need a conventional or non-conventional mortgage, or even a hard money loan we have banks ready to work with you and the knowledge to help you navigate the loan process with ease.

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